Fury is a solid good World War II movie. Nothing more, nothing less. What the movie lacked for the most part was the story. It did have one, but it was way too short for this movie.

It is set during the last month of World War II in April 1945. As the Allies make their final push into Nazi Germany, a battle-hardened U.S. Army Staff Sergeant named Don “Wardaddy” Collier (Brad Pitt) commands an Sherman tank named Fury and its five-man, all-veteran crew: Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia LaBeouf), gunner; Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal), loader; and Trini “Gordo” Garcia (Michael Peña), driver. The tank’s original assistant driver/bow gunner has been killed in battle and his replacement turns out to be a recently enlisted Army typist, Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) who, it transpires, has never even seen the inside of a tank before, let alone experienced the ravages of war.

The whole movie is shot beautifully by Roman Vasyanov, the performances were great from the whole cast, but especially from Shia LaBeouf. This guy surprised me by his performance, he was absolutely great, although he has strange methods of the infamous ‘method acting’ by pulling his own tooth out, giving himself a scar and not take a shower during filming. He really pissed a lot of the crew off during filming, but hey, it did prove him good during this movie.

Like I said the problem was mainly the story. The problem for me was the scene in the beginning of Act 2 where they enter the apartment of a woman and her niece. It felt to forced, unnecessary long and a turning point that you see coming very quickly. It was an easy way to give Logan Lerman’s character permission to adapt to the group and mission. It eventually went like I thought it was going…..nowhere. It preoccupied me when I noticed how long that scene was that I eventually went thinking, this is probably as much of the story and characters as we are going to get. I was right, after the sequences we went full action. Now I had no problem with the action scenes, they were intense, good directed and well filmed. It just bothered me the movie didn’t had a greater story behind it.

Fury had a great tone, it was well directed, well performed and it looked absolutely great. It’s a solid good World War II movie where you get to see how intense it was for these guys in those tanks during the war. But again the story wasn’t just enough for me and that’s why…

Fury gets a 6.8/10


Written by Dani

Gallego/Español 🇪🇸 | Writer & Director for Film | Editor in Chief of http://Shoton35.com | Supporter of Celta de Vigo | Fan of DC Comics & Vertigo

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