Daredevil is a show for reasonable adults who read their comic books and know the hero. The show sets the mood with a surreal comic book style world that’s eerily calm yet awesome when it gets intense. It never turns into an unbelievable mess. The action can get a little cheesy, but it was set that way from the start of the show even at episode 1. Episode 2 holds probably the best fight scene in a TV show ever and I recently even found out that it was done in just one shot, absolutely amazing!

The show is very consistent with mood, story, acting. It is not formulaic as you might think from the first few episodes as they introduce characters. The show really takes off after the 4th episode, and if you judge it by anything prior you’re missing what they worked to setup. It’s not realistic by any means, but for the world they created it is very consistent. No silly nonsense like you would expect from a formulaic show or Hollywood movie.

The cast is nothing short of phenomenal. Charlie Cox is smart, likable, and a straight up bad mofo. Vincent D’Onofrio is chilling to the bone, yet somehow remarkably human. Elden Henson is funny and brings the perfect dose of lightheartedness to an otherwise brutal and gritty show. And, of course, Deborah Woll is lovely in representing an innocent bystander being thrown into the mess that is Hell’s Kitchen.

I do not mind when I show is unrealistic as long as it is entertaining and consistent within the world they write. When it’s some inconsistent, unbelievable mess is when I can not stand it. Daredevil is not a mess, it’s very consistent and he does what a rational person would expect or not expect in a good way. That’s the beauty of this show, and I could see how it may come off as dry or boring to people who can’t appreciate the mood.

The other thing is that this is not a formulaic show, you might think so from the first few episodes but you’d be wrong. There’s no moral each show, there’s no this weeks bad guy or innocent in trouble with the law that daredevil solves. There is no teen angst and love triangles and jealousy, not yet anyway. Same crap with Arrow, Flash, or anything on CW basically.

This isn’t written or executed like a TV show. It’s a 13 part movie, and it’s accurate to the early comic books of Daredevil. For anyone who was waiting for the best live action superhero show, it’s here. It’s Daredevil, but it’s here.

Daredevil gets an 8.7/10.


Written by Dani

Gallego/Español 🇪🇸 | Writer & Director for Film | Editor in Chief of http://Shoton35.com | Supporter of Celta de Vigo | Fan of DC Comics & Vertigo

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