Sorry for the delay, had the flu this past week. Deadpool is a superhero comedy film based on the Marvel comic of the same name. As an adaptation of a crude, violent and hilarious comic book, it is very successful.

Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is a wise-cracking mercenary who protects his clients from unwanted associates. One day, Wade is diagnosed with cancer in most of his important internal organs. In an attempt to cure the cancer, Wade undergoes a top secret experiment which leaves him with accelerated healing powers and a sick, twisted sense of humour. As a result, he becomes Deadpool, the “Merc With A Mouth”.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool. The comical timing, everything is just perfect. The focus on the hilarious jokes and breaking of the fourth wall, just perfect. Even during the opening credits Deadpool was never going to take itself seriously and it does so with style. In what could have easily just been an action-packed adventure turns out to be an adult humoured action comedy with perfectly placed comical moments throughout the movie that did not look out of place one slight bit.

The cast is great. In typical fashion the villains are not too fleshed out, they do present a threat, but it’s nothing special. Ed Skrein as Ajax and Gina Carano as Angel Dust do their job at being evil. T.J. Miller as Deadpool’s sidekick is hysterical with quippy and crude lines. Leslie Uggams is Blind Al. She and Deadpool share some nice and funny banter with each other. Colossus is voiced by Stefan Kapicic, played by Andre Tricoteux, and his young trainee Negasonic Teenage Warhead is played by Brianna Hildebrand and they have their fun moments with Deadpool as well. Colossus certainly does a lot more than he ever did in the previous X-Men films, although I am a bit annoyed Daniel Cudmore did not return for the role for continuity’s sake, this Colossus is a more faithful interpretation to the comics.

The visuals are solid, and the action sequences are pretty stellar. Small in scale (cause of their budget) but nevertheless, very fun. There’s no PG-13 compromise here, the filmmakers absolutely do not hold back. This is hard R, with nudity, including Ryan Reynolds’s bare ass, hyper-stylized violence, blood, gore, foul language, and dirty jokes. So if you’re someone who gets easily offended by this, I would advise you to stay away. But even with that being said, one must admit, this brings something new to the superhero genre.

The soundtrack also has taken a cue from Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and has added some old gems from the past in the movie along with composer Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL (Max Max: Fury Road) ensuring the film is kept at an crackling, energetic pace.  Director Tim Miller has done a superb job bringing Deadpool to life.

Despite all my praise, it’s not a perfect film. The villain in this revenge tale is utterly forgettable and the story itself far too derivative to do its highly unconventional protagonist (he insists he’s not a hero) – justice: but it’s a damn good first entry in a franchise that will hopefully explore the character and his world to a much larger extent in the sequel(s). And it’s actually a very important film for another reason. If Deadpool is a financial success – which at this point is already clear it will be – this could play a vital role in how studios henceforth view the financial prospects of R-rated superhero films, and we’ll hopefully see more of them in the future.

Deadpool isn’t a perfect film, it does have some minor problems, but it’s a hell of a fun ride. It’s face paced, never boring, consistently funny, and filled with clever fourth wall breaking moments. I hope this film will un-retire Hugh Jackman so I can see a proper Wolverine and Deadpool fight in a future installment or even X-Force.

Deadpool gets an 7.5/10.


Written by Dani

Gallego/Español 🇪🇸 | Writer & Director for Film | Editor in Chief of | Supporter of Celta de Vigo | Fan of DC Comics & Vertigo


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